Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Misunderstood Story of King Midas

Many people are familar with the story of King Midas.  The old miser who wanted money so badly he asked the gods to make everything he touched turn to gold.  Unfortunately the lesson of Midas is often misunderstood.

Was the lesson about the perils of arvice and greed?  No, not really.

The gods didn't punnish the miser for being greedy, they punnished him for not understanding the real value of money.  Money or gold, in and of itself, is not worth anything.  You can't eat it, build with it, write with it or anything else.  It's value comes from its ability to be exchanged for things which are truely valuable: food, water, houses etc.  

It was only upon being granted his wish that Midas realized the true value of gold.

Do you want money or the valuable things money enables you to buy?

Have you aligned yourself to get money or things that are truly valuable?

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