Wednesday, October 29, 2008

God is in the Why

The old saying goes that "god is in the details."  That might be.  Success is often made or lost in how the details are handled.  However, if you want to align and do what they need to do to all arrive in the same place, god is in the why.  If you want people aligned, they better see the same why, they better be singing from the same hymm book.

A child asks why something happens, why something was done, why people came together.  It's when everyone can honestly answer the question as it uniquely applies to them and find the direction that takes everyone to the same place, that you get alignment.

You cannot supply every answer, convince every skeptic or solve every problem necessary to make a project succeed.  If everyone knows the why and it relates to them, they'll come up with the right answers without you.

If you want alignment and success, god is in the why.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice post Andrew.

I used to have a Commander of mine that I looked at as a mentor. When I first became an officer and had graduated from OCS (Officer Candidate School) I was not the typical 2LT due to the fact that I was a former Staff Sergeant prior to attending OCS. So as a well seasoned 2LT, I would be given more duties than the normal newbie and I was expected to have them accomplished with accuracy and timeliness.
There came a time some years later when I became a Captain that this same officer who had mentored me had become my immediate supervisor. I had worked myself into a position that had shown much need for and I felt that if I were to leave or to change jobs, the current position that I would be doing and the troops that I led, would fall to the way-side. My mentor, Major V, looked at me and said one sentence, "The cemetary is filled with irreplacable men."
I thought about that for quite some time and I still do to this day. Regardless of my involvement, my dedication and my time, the job would be filled and the mission would be completed, with or without me. But it was up to me to ensure that everyone new the "Why?"


Andrew Meyer said...


thanks, I had never heard that cemetery quote before, but it is very accurate. As with many things, the military is far ahead of the civilian world.

Thinking about cemeteries, I'm reminded of Charlie Munger's standard line - I just want to find out where I'm going to die so I can make sure never to go there.

Take care and thanks for your comment,