Sunday, June 14, 2009

He who shall not be named

Have you been on a team where one person had an idea they were so passionate about, it almost prevented other discussion? A situation where you could name the person and everyone knew just what you were talking about or you could introduce the topic by saying "He who shall not be named."

We extole passion in classes and in theoritical discussion. We say "It changes the world." We link it to great athletes. How often do we enjoy it everywhere but in our own realities? Isn't it easier to deal with the reasonable, the level-headed and the practical rather than the passionate?


Craig Brown said...


Funny you should mention this topic...

We all have our own gorillas. Check out this wiki post.

Andrew Meyer said...


interesting, thanks. Actually the next post I'm working on is considering the same idea from a different perspective. Essentially I'm comparing project teams to rock bands, i.e. what kind of rock band is your team. I'll definitely incorporate your gorillas into the post.

Thanks again,