Saturday, July 12, 2008

Personal Project Planning

Have you ever interviewed someone for a project management position and heard them rattle on how great they think PM is? How it makes everything better? Everything more organized?

Here's a question to ask them. If they're married, did they put together a project plan and schedule for their wedding? If their single, dating works just as well, but the wedding a beautiful example.

If people are so enthusiastic about PM, why don't they use it in their private lives? A wedding would be the perfect situation. There are a large number of people, many things to be taken care of, a deadline, dependencies etc. Custom made for project planning.

Except, I've never had a single person who did it. If it's good for work, why don't people use it personally? If they don't use PM personally, how committed to it can they be at work?

Things that make you go, hummmmm

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